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The Wichita Cancer Foundation affects the lives of many cancer patients throughout the state by covering their cost of health insurance premiums when they need it the most. Check out some of our patient stories and read testimonials from family members, community leaders, and corporate sponsors.

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Patient Stories

  • ...You folks represent the cream of the crop- kind, compassionate, and caring....

    To all you donors, to all you selfless and kind people: thank you. Thank you, thank you, for caring about somebody else, that you don't even know. To put up your money to assist people in Kansas [is inspiring]. That is what I love about Kansas, that's just how we are. We are the kind of people who help other people. You folks represent the cream of the crop- kind, compassionate, and caring. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Loletia Williams
    Patient Stories

  • The Wichita Cancer Foundation gave me some needed peace during such a scary time...

    The Wichita Cancer Foundation gave me some needed peace during such a scary time. Having a cancer diagnosis is one thing, but the stress of finances on top of it all was a lot. They paid for my premium and that made sure I was covered by my insurance!! Thank you WCF!

    Hallie Obrock
    Patient Stories

  • ...Being emotionally healthy is so important to our physical health, and not stressing as much about paying for the medical treatment I need has helped me, almost, fully recover…

    I am a dental hygienist and a single mother of two girls. In August of 2018, I began experiencing some severe abdominal pain that lasted about a week. My wonderful mother forced me to go to the emergency room, and that trip was the beginning of a life-changing experience.

    An abdominal CT was done, and the ER doctor explained that there was a mass on the tail of my pancreas. I have enough medical background to know that you never want to hear the words “mass” and “pancreas” in the same sentence. The doctor explained that the chance of it being cancer is a lot slimmer than if it was in a different location, but I would need to see a surgeon right away to have it removed. Next, there were biopsies, consultations, vaccinations, hospital stays, immediate care visits, and at least 15 primary care visits. That was all before surgery, which was performed two months after the initial scan. In October, my surgical oncologist performed a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy, which consisted of a five-day stay in the hospital.

    As I was recovering from surgery and still did not know if I had cancer or what kind, the bills started coming in. There wasn’t just one bill per visit or procedure, but there was a bill from the hospital that did the scan, the anesthesiologist from my biopsy, the gastroenterologist who did the biopsy, the place the biopsy was performed, the radiologist who read the CT scans, the ER doctors, the hospital stays, and my primary care doctor, just to name some. A week after surgery, I was informed I had a mucinous static neoplasm, a form of cancer that hasn’t yet become invasive. If it has the opportunity to become invasive, it can be very aggressive. I was very lucky. I also had to add an oncologist to my list of specialists. I’m not complaining. I was so lucky.

    The only treatment I currently need is routine CT scans and blood work. I also have to see many other specialists to figure out how to live without a spleen and half a pancreas. Anytime I have a fever, I have to go to the ER for blood work. My blood sugar is getting high, and becoming diabetic may be inevitable, but I truly believe I am so lucky.

    I work for a small dental practice that doesn’t offer medical insurance, so I have to buy my policy from the market place. I fall into the three percent of Kansans who have to buy private insurance and do not qualify for subsidies. I found out about the Wichita Cancer Foundation shortly after being diagnosed. I figured I wouldn’t qualify since I wasn’t undergoing chemo or radiation, but I was approved, and what a relief! There were thousands of dollars of medical bills I had to get caught up, and their help made it possible. I have to have CT scans every four months for the next three years. My first follow-up CT was done in February, and everything looked clear! When I got the bill for $968 for that test alone, I didn’t freak out because I knew I had some help during this hard time. I can’t explain how much the WCF has helped me. Being emotionally healthy is so important to our physical health and not stressing as much about paying for the medical treatment I need has helped me almost fully recover.

    Amanda Kippenberger
    Patient Stories

  • ...Thanks to the Wichita Cancer Foundation, I got the insurance I needed to receive the care for me to fight…

    In 2016, there were several major circumstances that caused a financial hardship in my life that led to needing financial assistance from the Wichita Cancer Foundation. In April 2016, I was diagnosed with having two large fibroid tumors that needed to be surgically removed. In May 2016, I lost a full-time job, which also caused me to lose medical coverage provided under the company I worked for. As a result, I qualified for the Obama Health Care program, but paying the monthly premium still posed another problem. After earnestly looking for a permanent, full-time job, I had no other option but to take a part-time job position, which only paid $8.50 per hour and did not offer health insurance benefits because of the part-time status.

    In August 2016, the fibroid surgery was performed, but during the surgery, the surgeon ran blood tests, which revealed my white blood cell count was 45,000. The normal range should be under 10,000. Three days after the surgery, I was sent to an oncologist, where the doctor performed a bone marrow biopsy. After the test results came back a few weeks later, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and immediately prescribed Gleevec Chemotherapy tablets, which I must take daily without missing a dosage. I needed to start treatment right away, but the cost would be very expensive.

    Then I learned about the Wichita Cancer Foundation. From that moment until now, they have generously supported me. This was a true matter of life or death. If I was not able to get the care I needed, my diagnosis would have been a death sentence. Thanks to the Wichita Cancer Foundation, I got the insurance I needed to receive the care for me to fight.

    Anisa Moore
    Patient Stories

  • ...Many thanks to your organization for making our life easier…

    Thank you so much for the monthly funding that I’m receiving to help with the cost of my insurance premium. Both my wife and I are survivors, and the Wichita Cancer Foundation is the first organization that has helped us financially since my wife was diagnosed eight years ago with colon cancer. Many thanks to your organization for making our life easier. The funding will help to decrease the stress in paying the premium. Thanks again.

    F. Miller
    Patient Stories

  • ...Your kindness was so thoughtful..

    Dear Board of Directors, foundation staff, and all the wonderful people who pledge to help others: thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your kindness and deep down love and concern for others, I would have struggled and stressed to meet my medical expenses. With your help, I am living my life with hope and taking my daily pills so I can continue to live in part remission. This journey has been a long but good one. My outstanding, wonderful doctor, the center, and the foundation are THE BEST OF THE BEST! God sent all of you down as angels to help people in need. You will never be forgotten. Love, thank you, and God bless with my heart.

    C. Blasi
    Patient Stories

  • ...I owe my very life to those payments...

    With limited funds, I was going to drop out of treatment because I was unable to pay the $600 per month required for the Cobra payments. I have no words to explain the gratefulness I feel to have had my Cobra payments covered. I owe my very life to those payments, which allowed me to continue treatment.

    Bianca Conklin
    Patient Stories

  • ...The Wichita Cancer foundation has [...] been a blessing for our family…

    I am 32 and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2016. I had all of the recommended chemotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation, but during a routine CT scan, it was discovered the cancer had metastasized to my bones. We decided to participate in a clinical trial, so we have been traveling weekly to Houston, Texas. The Wichita Cancer Foundation has helped pay for our insurance premiums and has been a blessing for our family. Traveling expenses add up, and since I have been a stay-at-home mom, we are limited to one income with no other assistance available beyond the Wichita Cancer Foundation and the generosity of friends and family. Thank you!

    Kelsey Davis
    Patient Stories

  • ...Having that weight and worry off your shoulders is overwhelming…

    My name is Leah. At 32, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and about five years later, I had a recurrence. Since then, I'll continue to have treatments on a three-week cycle. About six months ago, I lost my job and had to start paying for Cobra. The income loss with the unexpected payment was devastating. When the staff told me about the WCF, I filled out the application and prayed! When I found out I had been approved, it was one of the best days of my life! Having that weight and worry off your shoulders is overwhelming. If you're thinking about giving to the WCF, I pray that you will. They are wonderful people doing wonderful things. For those of you who donated your hard-earned money, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Leah Liston
    Patient Stories

  • ...Thank you very much for allowing me […] this gracious opportunity for assistance...

    I am a firm believer in being pro-active. I do a mammogram every year. Last October, I was having sharp pain in both of my breasts, so I called my primary doctor. She had me go ahead and do my annual mammogram, and they found nothing out of the ordinary. In the next few months, the pain started getting more and more painful, sharp jabs like needles. A co-worker of mine kept insisting that I get a second opinion, so I called my primary doctor, and she sent me to Wichita... [The doctor] did a sonogram and found a mass right away. She sent me to […] Cypress, they did a biopsy and found that, indeed, I had cancer.

    [The doctor] performed a double mastectomy soon after. I have been seeing an oncologist from Wichita. He came highly recommended, and at this time and date, I am doing well, am almost completely healed, and am taking a type of chemo/hormone therapy medication. I feel very blessed to be able to submit my story for assistance. This has been and looks to be a long fight, but I have a wonderful family and friends to help me through this. I thank you very much for allowing me to file for this gracious opportunity for assistance. Thank you!

    R. Anderson
    Patient Stories

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