Frequently Asked Questions

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Please browse through our frequently asked Wichita Cancer Foundation Questions. If your question is not answered, feel free to contact us through our website. Thank you!

Who receives the insurance premium assistance payments?[+]

The health insurance premium payments are paid directly to the patient’s insurance carrier.

What are the eligibility requirements?[+]

To see if you or someone you know is eligible for insurance premium assistance, visit the Program Criteria Page. If you are eligible based on this criteria, go to the Application to apply.

What is included in yearly household income?[+]

Household income is the combined adjusted gross income of adult members of your household. The Adjusted Gross Income includes: wages, taxable interest and other taxable income, dividends, alimony and unemployment compensation – after deductions are made for some self-employed expenses, student loan interest, tuition, moving expenses, among other things. You can find the Adjusted Gross Income listed on your most recent federal tax return on form 1040: line 37; for form 1040A: line 21; and for form 1040 EZ: line 4.

What is insurance premium assistance?[+]

Insurance premium assistance is the payment for patients of their monthly health insurance premiums. Assistance will only be granted to patients for the primary health insurance premiums. Therefore, secondary insurance premiums are not eligible for assistance.

Why am I required to provide an email address and phone number on the application?[+]

We want to be able to contact you so the Foundation’s decisions are communicated to you as quickly as possible.  The Care Committee may have follow-up questions regarding your application or may notice incomplete information.  In addition, insurance premium billing or other insurance information can be confusing or need to be coordinated with the patient.

How is it determined who will receive insurance premium assistance?[+]

Applications are received by WCF electronically through the website – Apply Here.  Once received they are forwarded to our Care Committee, made up of 4 or more independent volunteers who review every application and make the decisions of granting assistance based on many factors, including availability of funds.  Certain factors are NOT considered or reviewed by the Care Committee in making decisions for which patients receive financial assistance, including the insurance company, treatment regimen ordered or the provider chosen by the patient.

What is the Care Committee?[+]

The Care Committee is a committee of 4 or more volunteers who review applications and make decisions on behalf of WCF of which patients will receive insurance premium assistance and for how long.  The volunteers do not have to be members of the Board of Directors.

What documentation is required with the submission of an application?[+]

No documentation is required at the time of application, but all applicants may be asked to verify demographic, insurance, and financial information that they provided.

How will I find out whether I’ve been selected to receive insurance premium assistance?[+]

You will receive notification in writing by email.

How many months of my insurance premiums will be covered if I am selected for assistance?[+]

The amount of months your insurance premium payments will be paid by WCF can vary based on the decision by the Care Committee and the availability of funds – but in no case will more than 6 months be paid based on one application.

If I run out of insurance premium assistance and still need help, can I reapply for more assistance?[+]

Yes.  You can reapply every 6 months as long as you still qualify for assistance according to the eligibility criteria.  Just visit the Eligibility Criteria Page.

What are the income requirements?[+]

Individuals or families with adjusted gross incomes 5 times the federal poverty level or less may qualify.

Note: Family size is defined as the amount of people (including yourself) who are claimed on the Federal Income Tax Return.