The Care Committee

Funding Care. Funding Hope.

The Wichita Cancer Foundation Care Committee is made up of four or more independent volunteers who review applications on behalf of WCF. The committee determines which patients will receive insurance premium assistance and for how long.

Every application will be considered; however, we cannot guarantee to any patient that they will receive financial aid. Committee decisions are based on eligibility criteria and many other factors, including the availability of funds. For this reason, the Care Committee may contact an applicant with follow-up questions or to verify certain information. Certain factors—such as the insurance company, provider chosen by the patient and insurance company –will not be considered or reviewed by the Care Committee in determining which patients receive financial assistance.

The volunteers who donate their time to serve on the Care Committee do not have to be members of the Board of Directors.  Interested?  Visit our Volunteer page today.


We're Here To Help Cancer Patients Pay
Their Insurance Premiums.
Here's how it works:
  • The Care Committee
    Step 1:
    See If You Qualify

    There are certain qualifications that must be met in order to provide premium assistance for cancer care.

  • The Care Committee
    Step 2:
    Apply Online for Help

    Meet all requirements? Apply online to start the premium assistance process.

  • The Care Committee
    Step 3:
    Application Reviewed

    Your application will be reviewed by our Care Committee without insurance/provider information.

  • The Care Committee
    Step 4:
    Insurance Verified

    Once your application is reviewed by the Care Committee, we will verify your insurance information.

  • The Care Committee
    Step 5:
    Receive Decision

    You will receive a letter by email with a decision from the Care Committee.

  • The Care Committee
    Step 6:
    Premiums Paid

    If approved, we will pay your premium directly to your insurance carrier for the time specified.