Our Mission

Our Vision Statement

The vision of the Wichita Cancer Foundation is ensuring cancer patients receive the care they need while minimizing their financial burden.

Our Mission Statement

The Wichita Cancer Foundation mission is to provide direct or indirect financial assistance for cancer patients whose care is initiated or received in Sedgwick County in the form of insurance premium payment or co-pay assistance facilitation.


Where It All Began

Our History

Wichita Cancer Foundation was born of Dr. Shaker Dakhil’s dream to lessen the financial burden experienced by cancer patients.

Dr. Dakhil—an oncologist for over 32 years here in Wichita, Kansas—founded and organized WCF in 2005 with the help of a small board of directors. As a result of witnessing countless patients struggle to meet the financial demands of cancer care, he felt compelled to make a positive difference. After committing a number of years to planning and preparing, WCF came fully to life in 2014. The board expanded into a group of 12 community members—members who have brought with them a shared passion for service as well as a diverse background of skills and experiences. With the commitment and leadership of this new board, WCF was publicly launched. Today, the foundation provides direct financial assistance for cancer patients by way of insurance premium payments for those patients whose care was initiated or received in our community; indirect assistance is also provided via co-pay assistance facilitation.

We are proud to provide a sense of hope and comfort to patients who truly need it—and to do so in such an extraordinary community!


Our Founder


The founder of the Wichita Cancer Foundation, Shaker R. Dakhil, President of the Cancer Center of Kansas (CCK), is a man whose professional life has been devoted to fighting cancer. Raised and educated in Beirut, Lebanon, Shaker moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1975 to complete his residency and fellowship training.

In 1981, he moved to Wichita, Kansas with his wife, Kathie, and young children in order to join CCK. After almost 34 years with CCK as a dedicated oncologist, he has treated thousands of patients with compassion and care in the Wichita and surrounding communities. To alleviate the travel burden for patients, he led an initiative to create 18 satellite cancer treatment centers across Kansas.

As an educator, Dr. Dakhil has trained future doctors as a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. As a researcher, Dr. Dakhil has served as a principal investigator of the Wichita Community Clinical Oncology Program, a National Cancer Institute-sponsored research program which has been instrumental in advancing cancer treatment. He was one of the doctors to develop the port-a-cath system and the implantable pump system for delivering chemotherapy directly to liver tumors.

As a philanthropist, the Wichita Cancer Foundation is only his latest effort to provide access to medical care for patients needing financial assistance. Honored as a 2014 Health Care Hero Lifetime Achievement recipient by the Wichita Business Journal, he has truly established himself as a leader in our Wichita community and a true advocate for cancer patients.


We're Here To Help Cancer Patients Pay
Their Insurance Premiums.
Here's how it works:
  • Our Mission
    Step 1:
    See If You Qualify

    There are certain qualifications that must be met in order to provide premium assistance for cancer care.

  • Our Mission
    Step 2:
    Apply Online for Help

    Meet all requirements? Apply online to start the premium assistance process.

  • Our Mission
    Step 3:
    Application Reviewed

    Your application will be reviewed by our Care Committee without insurance/provider information.

  • Our Mission
    Step 4:
    Insurance Verified

    Once your application is reviewed by the Care Committee, we will verify your insurance information.

  • Our Mission
    Step 5:
    Receive Decision

    You will receive a letter by email with a decision from the Care Committee.

  • Our Mission
    Step 6:
    Premiums Paid

    If approved, we will pay your premium directly to your insurance carrier for the time specified.