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WCF Engages with Assistance Recipients

Posted: 6/22/2022

Loletia And Allison (1300 × 950 Px)

Sharing a Message of Hope and Gratitude   

One of the most rewarding things about our work is interacting with those we help. On two recent occasions, recipients visited our office. During our Advisory Board open house, members had the opportunity to hear from Lance. He shared about his cancer treatment journey as well as the impact of support from the Foundation. Most recently, Loletia Williams visited our office. She was excited to share her story and thank our donors. She wrote some thank you cards and sat down with WCF staff member Allison (pictured right are Loletia and Allison). You can watch Loletia’s message here: https://youtu.be/gifjCal7tfE


Every Story Matters 

Lance and Loletia are just two of the many Kansans the Foundation helped in recent years. Each recipient has a unique story, special relationships, and varying perspectives. We are so inspired by their courage, vulnerability, and openness. You can read more impact stories on our testimonials page: https://wichitacancerfoundation.org/testimonials/