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KWCH: The Rising Costs of Cancer

Posted: 8/29/2017

KWCH News The Rising Costs Of Cancer 2

Wichita Cancer Foundation: Providing Cancer Care

Leah Liston, a patient who has received multiple terms of assistance from the Wichita Cancer Foundation, spoke with KWCH regarding the rising costs of cancer and what it’s like affording such costs in today’s world.  It’s people like Leah who put into words why we are so dedicated to our mission of assisting patients by paying for their insurance premiums when they can’t.  We want to ensure they can continue to receive the care they need without forfeiting a life necessity such as feeding their families or affording their house payments.  Leah said, “If I could work a lot and my hands would let me, I would be very tempted to not get treatment for a while.”  From frequent primary care visits to surgery to chemotherapy… there is so much care involved on a cancer patient’s journey that our ultimate goal is to make a difference and secure their insurance.

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