WCF Stories

"..Many thanks to your organization for making our life easier.."

Thank you so much for the monthly funding that I’m receiving to help with the cost of my insurance premium. Both my wife and I are survivors and the Wichita Cancer Foundation is the first organization that has helped us financially since my wife was diagnosed 8 years ago with colon cancer. Many thanks to your organization for making our life easier. The funding will help to decrease the stress in paying the premium. Thanks again.

- F. Miller

"..Your kindness was so thoughtful.."

Dear Board of Directors, Foundation staff and all the wonderful people who pledge to help others, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your kindness and deep down love and concern for others, I would have struggles and stressed to meet my medical expenses. With your help I am living my life with hope and taking my daily pills so I can continue to live in part remission. This journey has been a long but a good one. My outstanding, wonderful Dr., the center and the foundation is THE BEST OF THE BEST! God sent all of you down as angels and to help people in need. You will never be forgotten. Love, thank you and God Bless with my heart.

- C. Blasi

"..I owe my very life to those payments.."

With limited funds, I was going to drop out of treatment because I was unable to pay the $600 per month required for the Cobra payments. I have no words to explain the gratefulness I feel to have had my Cobra payments covered. I owe my very life to those payments, which allowed me to continue treatment.

- Bianca Conklin